Encouragement For When You’re Tempted To Quit

JasmineApril 7, 2021

In my last post about new beginnings, I talked about the temptation I had to quit. I thought I’d go deeper into what that looked like for me to hopefully encourage you. 


What happened with my job was not the only time I was tempted to quit or give up on my dreams or give up on what I believed God was calling me to do. One of my biggest fears has been of being a hypocrite. Because of that, I’ve had many moments and a lot of questions with my blog. Like how dare I share something and do the opposite? Or how dare I share something that I’m not entirely sure of or convinced of? 

The questions ran deep, and so did the reasons to quit blogging. Not to mention starting a blog, to begin with. I thought I had to be perfect or have it all together to help others. What’s so special about me, or what I have to say? Who’s going to listen? And why should they listen?

When I’d make a mistake, I would sit in shame, and although I’d write posts, I scrapped them because I no longer felt qualified. I thought I should quit to work on myself, clean up a bit—or a lot—and then I’d be good enough to help others too! Basically, I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform and to be perfect—two things that God has never asked of me or any of us. 


I thought I had to be perfect to be used by God until I realized that He uses imperfect vessels, who are willing, to showcase His perfect love, will, and heart through to mankind. He never put a stipulation on what He asked me to do, so why should I? It wasn’t, “Jasmine, when you’re perfect and ready, start the blog.” But, “Jasmine, start a blog to encourage My people.” (Those weren’t the exact words, but you get it, lol)

I’ll share some things I’ve noticed since starting my blog to paint a better picture. I’ve noticed that I’m better at processing my emotions and different things I’ve faced in life. I’ve noticed that I’m a better writer, which is kind of a big deal given that God has given me books to write. I’ve noticed that I can help others better, and even in my helping others, I most times receive the answers and encouragement that I need too. There is so much more, but I don’t want to make this post too long; you’re welcome! Haha!


Truth be told, when God asks us to do something, He will most certainly empower us to do it. He’s already qualified us for what He’s called us to; our part is to obey the call. (Periodt) I was worried about how it would look AND how I would look. Meanwhile, when God asks me to do something, He’s not wondering nor worried about our reputation. It’s the heart and obedience for Him. 

I also questioned the views because, let’s be real, that’s where we are. I was wondering who will read it when God only cared that it was there. The opportunity to read it isn’t going away, so whether ONE or one thousand people read it today or ten years from now, it’s still there! Basically, my worries didn’t change God’s heart; they only changed mine. But when I took time to realign and think about God’s heart and His will, it encouraged and empowered me to stay the course. 


All of that to bring you to these tips to remember for if you’re tempted to quit: first, you don’t have to be perfect to begin or to keep going so, keep going! (Or start if you haven’t already started!!) second, if God called you to it, He will empower and equip you through it. Third, when you decide to do it and keep at it, the rewards will follow. And last, no matter what, decide to keep going!! You’ve got this, and God’s got you! Great things don’t happen overnight; trust God in the process. You can do it!

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