Hello, New Beginnings!

JasmineMarch 20, 2021

“It’s never too late; you can begin again.” — Joyce Meyer

It’s easy to feel stuck when we lose sight of the fact that there is always a new beginning. Every moment presents the opportunity to begin again. We may have made mistakes, but instead of viewing them as a mistake that we can’t come back from, we can view them as a new lesson learned to take with us on a fresh start.

I used to think that failure was when I made a mistake or when I actually failed at something. I’m happy to report that failure is not our failed attempts but our decision to quit when we’ve failed or not succeeded at something. With every breath we breathe, and every new day we’re given, we’re afforded the opportunity to begin again.

I’m a pretty determined person when I set out to do something. And while I tend to lean on the side of optimism, I’ll admit that I have my pessimistic moments. Just thinking about 2020 for me, I was tempted to quit SEVERAL times. I stepped out of my comfort zone, aka left one job at God’s, leading to a new job only to be let go. I most certainly wanted to throw in the towel and call it quits. Especially after countless rejections from jobs I’d applied for, even in retail!

Here I am with a college degree and no job to show for it. What. Is. Going. On?! Yet, God is so good and so faithful! He strategically placed people in my life who helped to give me a new perspective of what had happened and what I was and am capable of. And even the opportunities I have now!!


Fast forward to today, I was able to take on new opportunities AND spend time seeking God on what’s next for me. I had time to write and do things I enjoy plus earn income while doing it! I even found a new passion that I’m excited to share soon! Plus, I’ll be launching some pretty exciting things in the coming months!

Don’t get me wrong, I loved working a 9-5 and will probably do so again, maybe. But I absolutely love the flexibility I’ve been afforded. God hasn’t skipped a beat in my life. I’ll admit that I’ve dealt with the fear of provision and many other fears, but it’s crazy yet so funny how just at the right time, God has come through.

I share all of this to say I took a huge pay cut—or so I thought—and lost what seemed like my dream job. I felt like I’d missed God, which explains many of my recent posts. I’ve cried and cried and have wanted to give up SO. MANY. TIMES. Yet, just when I wanted to give up and give in, God placed people, places, and opportunities on my path to remind me that IT AIN’T OVER YET! Which not only gave me the hope to keep going but the courage to DREAM AGAIN and, ultimately, begin again!

It’s okay if we have to go back to the drawing board. Edits aren’t necessarily a bad sign, just an opportunity to make something better. Life happens, and setbacks are sometimes inevitable. But a setback doesn’t have to leave us there; it can always catapult us to our next best place. The possibilities are endless! Take the limits off and go out there and BEGIN AGAIN!

Happy Spring, Y’all!

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