Encouragement For When You Feel Like You’ve Missed God

JasmineSeptember 18, 2020

There have been moments when I’d felt I missed God—both recently and throughout my life. I’d questioned some decisions and I even thought about what my life may look like had I made different choices. I want to do and be in God’s perfect will for me in my heart and with all of my being. To sum it up, I don’t want to miss God.

Fast forward, I came across a beautiful blog post that not only encouraged me, but it answered the fear I had of missing God. The author talked about how she once feared missing God until she realized that she couldn’t miss God. When our hearts are pure, it’s not possible to miss Him. Still in question, her next words rocked my world in the best way!

Paraphrasing it here but, God can’t be missed because He’s too big of a target. #micdrop

I instantly remembered my failed attempts at pin the tail on the donkey or darts, and even still, I can’t grasp this thought in all of its fullness. God is too big to be missed!! Not only that, but His ability to lead is also greater than our ability to follow, so even if we feel like we miss His guidance, we can’t.

God wills to lead us every step of the way. Let me say that again, it is God’s WILL to lead us, and when our will is to follow Him, we’re set up for success.

I was so afraid, worried, and upset that I’d missed God because things didn’t look how I felt they should when there may have been a bigger takeaway to see. What if maybe the one step of obedience we take is the fuel we’re able to use for the next steps He has ahead. Remembering the faithfulness of God is a vital tool to live the lives He’s planned for us.

Today’s steps of faith can help prepare us for tomorrow’s new adventure with God. While the voice of fear wants to keep us inactive, God has empowered us with the voice of faith, found in His Word, that we need for the action He’s prepared for us. The question is, which voice will we follow?

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