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JasmineFebruary 8, 2020

There is power in the words we speak. The world was formed by the WORDS of God and our worlds are formed by our words. Sometimes I’ve forgotten that. I’ve at times mindlessly said things I didn’t mean nor that I’d ever want to happen. I’ve removed a lot from my vocabulary with more to go. But, I won’t get into that now. There’s no need for us to beat ourselves up or get down on ourselves for anything!! We must simply determine to begin again—no matter what. 

The WIN is in the refusal to give up.

Although the devil would like for us to believe we’re the only one to ever struggle with a thing, that’s just not true! Which is why I’m sharing this post. One of my struggles has been the opinions of others. That’s in part why I’ve yet to post a blog this year. I’ve got a lot to say but I’ve feared how it would be received and let’s be real, the “attention” it would get. I craved the likes, the comments and all the things. I can’t say that I’m currently completely over that BUT I will say that I’m on my way and every day I get closer and closer! 

Anyway, due to that I had to change up some things. My words included! I found myself talking down on myself, my content and different areas of my life. Let’s just say, I was drowning myself with the negative confessions I was speaking over myself. We’re not subject to the words of others unless we decide to be but we are subject to our own words. 

So, I had to make the decision to change what I was saying. For me it looked like making a list of confessions to start my day with. “In the BEGINNING…” God created by what He said, so in the beginning of my day I had to choose to create by what I say. I had to realize that the world I’ve been living in was created by the words I was saying so in order to change it, I had to change my words.

Here’s the thing, I was met with the discouragement of not seeing what I said happen right away. Often times we’ve said things for so long that they’ve become second nature to us. They may not have become our reality right away but they did over time. No matter if things change today, weeks, months, or years from now—DON’T GIVE UP!Because the power is in consistency. What you speak will come to pass whether it looks/feels like it or not. 

I didn’t see immediate change. In fact, some things have yet to BE—in terms of manifestation but I know that they ARE working and becoming. I made this list years ago but failed to be consistent in my use of it BUT it’s never too late to begin again. Although I haven’t experienced the full manifestation of the whole list, I’ve seen some changes in many areas. I’m not sure when they happened but I believe that they happened because I chose not to give up.

I believe it’s important to SPEAK TRUTH over ourselves so that we’re armed, ready and unmoved by the lies of others. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a someone saying anything over or about you but have you seen the media lately? Have you heard what “they’ve” said? Whomever they are anyway… in light of all of the shouting voices around us, we must choose which voice we’ll believe. We’re quicker to believe ourselves than we are anyone else. So, let’s set ourselves in agreement with God by speaking over ourselves what He’s already said—and what He’s always saying. 

As I mentioned, I created a list of confessions. Some are based in scripture, while some were inspired by others, seasons I’ve been through or the things I needed to reverse in my life. I encourage you to create confessions of your own if you haven’t already! In case you need help or some inspiration, I’ve uploaded my list of confessions for you to download here

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