I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

JasmineDecember 17, 2019

I grew up in Chicago so I can relate to the lyrics of White Christmas that say, “…just like the ones I used to know…” Because for sixteen years of my life, I was blessed with a white Christmas. I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t always appreciate it. When you experience snow storms and cold weather long enough, it can get to be annoying. At least for those of us who prefer to be warm—which is in part why I live in Texas lol.

But, I didn’t bring you hear to read about my experience with snow. I do, however, want to talk about what I liked to do when it snowed, as well as what I imagine I’d do if it were to snow in Texas this year. One can only dream, right? I appreciate the snows of Texas because they don’t typically go above an inch. In Chicago I often experienced snow that went past my knees. Granted, I’m not the tallest but you get what I mean—I hope. 😉

I enjoy Christmas and I know there’s more to it than snow, gifts under the tree, Santa and Christmas movies. But I’m grateful for the ability to enjoy those things during this time of year. I don’t for a minute think that God is upset with the activities we enjoy during this season. In fact, what if He’s joining us? I mean, He will if we invite Him to. Ok, enough rambling! In addition to what I’d do if it snowed I’ll also share some of my Christmas favorites!


I’m not a big cookie person BUT I like gingerbread cookies and the Christmas sugar cookies with the sprinkles that you can find at stores like Target or Walmart. I also recently discovered decorating Christmas cookies with one of my best friends—it was so much fun! I think I’ll make it a tradition going forward. 😉


ELF is by far my FAVORITE Christmas movie!! But I also like some of the originals like Home Alone, The Grinch and It’s A Wonderful Life. I’ve recently added two new favorites to my list; White Christmas (which was the original inspiration for the title of today’s post) and Miracle on 34th Street


I enjoy reading and writing. I can’t say that I’ve done either by the fireplace but I have a fireplace now and someday I hope to do that. I have, however, watched movies with the fireplace going, that counts for something right? :p I also enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate with French vanilla creamer—it’s so good that way!!


I love to play games—check my phone lol! But I love a great board game or some type of game that gets everyone involved. I’m not a big fan of monopoly because of how long it can go on BUT I recently received the Golden Girls monopoly as a birthday gift and it’s really fun! I also like Uno, the game of Life, Spades and many others! Card games are always fun!


If it were to snow in Texas, I’d go make a snowman. Well, it’s not gotten to that point ever—at least not to my knowledge. But if it did, that’s what I’d do. I didn’t play in the snow much when I lived in Chicago. I was small and some people in the neighborhood liked to dump us smaller kids in the snow. I’ve never gotten caught but I never wanted to risk it either lol. But there were a few times when my friends and I would have snowball fights and attempt to ice skate in our snow boots lol! 


For Christmas my mom and I don’t have a set menu. One year we had a Mexican themed menu which was AMAZING! Tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas and even tres leches cake! But we generally have what we’re in the mood for. I’m a big fan of breakfast so this year I may make breakfast—the basics: pancakes, waffles and eggs lol. But, we’ll see. 


I really like sweaters!!! So, this year I’ll more than likely wear a sweater. Most years I’m either in my pjs or a cute top and some jeans. Only because in Texas most times it’s warm enough for that during Christmas. This year we’re expecting snow so I’ll more than likely wear a cute sweater, some jeans and a pair of my favorite boots. Pics will be added to my Instagram (@thejasmine.nicole).

How about you, what are some of your Christmas favorites? Do you have any traditions or do you like to keep things spontaneous? Let me know in the comments below!

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