It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

JasmineDecember 7, 2019

Merry almost Christmas!! Who am I kidding, it’s December—break out the Christmas tunes, the Christmas clothes, drink the hot coco or the eggnog and enjoy the season! It’s one of my favorites! With that, I realized that my blog has been on the web for TWO YEARS NOW!!! What?? Not that I’ve been a consistent poster but like Elsa, I’m gonna let it go lol! 

Anyway, I noticed that I’d never celebrated Christmas on the blog. Thanksgiving has gotten a post every year but Christmas has yet to have one…so, here’s to new traditions! At least once every week leading up to Christmas I’d like to post something about this season. Be it encouraging, advice, nail art or art of any kind, books, gift ideas, favorite holiday movies and other things. 

I realize Christmas is a little over two weeks away so maybe I’ll post a few times a week…maybe?? (I say maybe because #life!) but as of now, my plan is to have some fun around here and to spread the joy of Christmas! Given that it’s one of my favorite holidays and with the lack of attention I’d given it, I’ve got some work to do! Haha! Stay tuned for all the goodness of Christmas!! 

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