Oh, the seasons we’ll GROW

JasmineOctober 28, 2019

New seasons are inevitable. Think about it; we never remain in just one season. Spring, summer, fall and winter will always come—no matter what the temperature says, they’ll always come. I’ve found the same to be true of life, seasons are always subject to change. Maybe years ago you faced a season of financial struggle and today you’re prospering or doing better than before. No matter what it looked like then, that moment of difficulty was always subject to change. 

The thing about life’s season is their length of time is unknown. There’s no date on the calendar that says, “End of despair. Beginning of joy.” If only that were the case, we’d be more likely to face the seasons of life differently. But even though that’s not the case, it doesn’t change the fact of life that: Seasons come and go. Things are always changing. That’s just a part of life. 

I don’t want to sound as though seasons are bad nor that they have to be. I do want to say that no matter the season, you can do it. If you’re in a great season, YESSSS!! I’m so happy for you. But if your season of life looks nothing like you thought it would—don’t lose hope, it’s subject to change. Things may not be ideal now, but who says they can’t or won’t be later? And what if the season you’re in now is a time to prepare you for the one you’re going into next?

Think about the transition from summer to fall, the anticipation of cooler temperatures, pumpkin spice everything and all things fall brings with it. We prepare by pulling out our sweaters and scarves or shopping for new clothing. Either way, there’s a preparation that must happen if we want to enter fall successfully. What if the same is true with life? 

I, for instance, have big dreams of doing some pretty great things but those dreams won’t just happen by me wishing or hoping they will. There’s a preparation that must take place in order for me to be successful in that thing I want to do. If I want to be a successful writer but never practice or never write a thing, my chances of success are a bit slim to none. Seasons—the good, the bad, the scary—however they look for us—can be used as a time of preparation. 

Not to say we’re striving towards an end goal because we’re always growing. But we are making the best use of our time and the best use of the seasons we’re in now on the way to the seasons we’ll enter next. Staying in the same place forever—whether physically or mentally—hinders our growth. Just think of the fact that spring comes with the showers for summers flowers. The growth that takes place with the change of a season. Is it possible that the same is true for us?

Maybe moving away is more about our growth than it is about our location. Maybe the friends we left behind were for the ones that were meant to go where we’re going. It’s possible that the transitions in life and the seasons we enter and exit are all for our growth into what’s been planned for us all along. We’ve been created on purpose for a purpose and maybe, the seasons we experience are about helping us grow in order to live out our purpose. 

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