God Sees You

JasmineFebruary 19, 2018

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“God, You see me and You know me yet You love me. And because You love me You’re not only with me but You’re for me.”

Have you ever felt like you weren’t noticed or like your efforts to be seen or heard were just not effective? Maybe you’ve had times where you felt alone and like no one cared. I have. It’s easy to get to that place when we lose sight of what’s TRUE. Maybe it’s human nature but for some reason we want to be seen, heard, cared for and ultimately—loved. What if we’re all of those things? The truth is, we are.

Recently some things came up that revealed what was really in my heart. The truth that I unknowingly allowed to settle in my heart is that, I didn’t believe I was seen or heard or…loved. In word, I believed that I was loved but if I’m being real, in my heart I didn’t believe it. The issue is that I didn’t have a real view of what love is. I know what God says about love—in my head—but in my heart, somehow I did not believe I was worthy of that love.

I looked in all the wrong places for validation and for things that would PROVE that I was loved. Things like, what I did for others, volunteering, getting to or not getting to do certain things. My heart was crying out questions like, “Do you see me? Can anyone hear me? You don’t know me, will you get to know me?” and the list goes on.

I love how God works. Often times when we find ourselves in places like this, it presents the perfect opportunity for God to come in and completely change our truth—what we’re believing to be true. That’s if we allow Him to. So, I allowed Him to and I’m glad I did. I can’t say that I’ve arrived, but who can? I can say that God never disappoints.

One day while I was on my way home in my heart I heard these words, “God sees me, God knows me, God loves me, God is with me and God is for me.” They were on repeat, so I echoed them by saying them back, “God, You see me, God, You know me, God, You’re with me, and God, You’re for me.” It was about a 20-minute drive and I said these words the whole time—I can’t even explain the peace I felt afterwards.

The thing is, these words embody so much truth. When we realize that we are SEEN by God, we care less about being seen by man. When we realize that we are KNOWN by God, not just by name but He KNOWS us, we care less about if anyone knows us. When we realize that God sees and knows us YET HE STILL LOVES US, we care less about if anyone else does. And the kicker is, God is WITH US and He’s FOR US, so what else matters?

Our Creator LOVES us!! He CHOSE us!! And even when we feel undeserving, He still say, “I love you.” Even when we feel like we’ve messed up or like no one else cares He still says, “I Am here.” I don’t know about you but that means so much to me. I’m seen, I’m known, and I’m loved by God. AND, I’m never ever alone because God CHOOSES to always be with me. The same is true for you too!

It’s really important what we give our attention to, I’m at a place where I’m working to give my ALL to God. I got distracted by life. I’ll leave it there, lol. Anyway, I’m so glad that God still says, “Come to Me” even when and after we choose other things first. #Lordhelp! All this to say, I made some wallpapers that can be used on your phone as reminders of what God says. There will be more to come in the future but for now, here are a few. Share them with your friends and family too! I pray they bless you! Have a beautiful day!

View more wallpaper options here.

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