JasmineDecember 18, 2017

Perhaps there’s a dream inside of you for something bigger; to do great things, to change the world—or at least initiate the process of change in your own world. What if the seed of that dream were birthed by your passion? Could it really be that you can find the cure for cancer or start the next successful business? Could you really be the next president or find a solution for some major issue that we’ve yet to discover before?


I recently watched a beautiful movie about an African American teacher named, Mrs. Collins who was passionate about teaching. She taught in the ghetto and many people, including other teachers in the school she taught in, did not take her seriously. They did not believe in their students nor their ability to learn. They dismissed them because of where they came from. But this teacher didn’t. She saw the potential of and inside of each child.


Many of the teachers did not support her method of teaching; she was made fun of, talked about and the other teachers believed that she was wasting her time. But she refused to quit. In fact, she decided to start her own school. She and her husband had three children and didn’t make much money together to support their family let alone to allow her to quit her job and start a school. But, she did it. She started small. She and her family remodeled a room in their home to look like a classroom.


They found deals on school desks for only $2 and free books from a school’s dumpster that were no longer of ‘any use’ but they practically looked new. (At least in the movie they did) Her only students were her two youngest children and a couple of neighborhood kids that seemed to stay in trouble. One of them was a student from the school she previously taught at. She ended up starting with a class of 5 children. But she never let that bother her. She continued to teach as though it were a class full.


Finally, parent after parent became interested in her school. Many of the parents were skeptical at first but they heard nothing but good things about her school. Some of the parents had children who were deemed retarded or dumb. One girl was 10 years old in the 5th grade and could not read. Another refused to go to school and had an IQ of 75. But she did not allow that to stop her. She believed that nothing was impossible. She didn’t treat them according to what the system deemed them to be, she treated them like people with potential.


All that to say; her passion never allowed her to quit. I literally cried while watching this movie because it’s based on a true story and all the odds were stacked against her. As a black female, at times I’ve struggled to believe that anything good could happen to me or for me. I thought that maybe I’d be a statistic and work a 9-5 job and have to live paycheck to paycheck. Of course, I know now that that’s not the case AT ALL. God uses and blesses ALL who allow Him to. But this woman was so passionate and determined to help these students surpass the statistics.


She taught them their worth and things they never imagined they’d learn. When you know that YOU’RE worth it, you stop at nothing to not only LIVE like it’s true—because it is—but you stop at nothing to SHOW others that they’re worth it too. Tears were shed because I’m like what am I doing?! I have no excuses! Y’all, we all have greatness within us. We were all born to do great things it’s all in choosing to pull it out. To not shy away from our gifts and talents but to cultivate them because someone else’s freedom is on the other side of our obedience—on the other side of our gift.


So what if we fail. Try again. So what if no one notices, the people will come. The money will come. Whatever we need will come. But nothing comes from sitting around and waiting on it to land on us. She, Mrs. Collins was so patient! She always said, “as long as there is a God in heaven, we will make it.” I LOVE that. When we know WHO IS WITH US and WHO IS ON OUR SIDE we technically can’t fail. We may have a setback or a few but our ultimate setup is for success! God is still in the business of giving us a story for His glory so that ALL will know that He is GOD and that HE IS GOOD. And He only does good!


It’s time to get out there, no matter what. It’s time to take hold of the dreams that God has given us and tell fear where it belongs—under our feet! You may feel afraid but do it afraid. Fear is just a feeling of something that may or may not happen. The thing is, whatever happens can’t harm you. It can only make you stronger and make the end result so much more fulfilling. I’m not making a New Year’s resolution I’m making a New Year’s declaration that in the Name of Jesus and by the grace of God 2018 will be my best year yet with SO MUCH MORE ACCOMPLISHED FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD! Not my will but His! Always and forever!


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