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JasmineNovember 22, 2017

Of course, with Thanksgiving being tomorrow I thought it would be great to post about thankfulness. Let’s be honest, I have missed it many times. Many, many times. But as with anything, there’s always something to learn and grow in. I’ve noticed that thankfulness isn’t always easy or our first instinct. It’s easy to look at what we don’t have and think that we’re missing something or missing out on a good life. But what if being thankful were the key that unlocked what’s next?


Growing up, I was kind of a spoiled brat. I’m the youngest of two and the only girl so my life had its perks. I was always after the next best Barbie or baby doll I could find. You better believe that I had the best doll houses and cars any Barbie could ever want. My dolls even had car seats and strollers! I had my Christmas wish lists and birthday wishes and I pretty much always got everything on my list.


But then I got older and Barbie’s were no longer my thing. I like to design websites and graphics and I started pretty young so you can imagine that I’m this big technology girl. Naturally my list got a bit more expensive. No longer did I get everything on my list. I got what I wanted most—if it were reasonably priced and then a few odds and ends. The little girl in me that was used to getting everything she wanted did not like that. You can probably hear the sass in my voice from just typing that. I’m better now, y’all, don’t worry lol!


Anyway, it was almost as if I felt like my mom HAD to get me what I wanted. Like, she, as my mom was supposed to see to my every desire. It was never thank you for getting me, fill in the blank, but why didn’t you get me what I asked for? I think about it now and I’m like, seriously Jasmine?! My mom would literally give me the world if she could but I know without a doubt that she has always done the best that she can with what she has.


Side note: our parents aren’t here to give us the desires of our hearts, they can and they will if they can. But our parents are here to make sure we’re loved, clothed, fed and raised right. Might I add that after 18 years old, they don’t technically owe us anything. I’m grateful for my mom and that she allows me to still live with her. Yes, I’m a single college student that still lives at home with my mom—shamelessly. 🙂 And I am thankful to her for all that she has done and still continues to do out of her love for me.


But, what if I never tell her thank you? She may never know that I’m thankful. What if I continue to live a life of entitlement thinking that she owes me something, when in fact she owes me nothing? She could at any point in time stop buying me gifts. She could choose to not give me anything ever again. But my hope is to always express my gratitude to her and to thank her for all that she does and has done for me not to get her to do more but, because she doesn’t have to do anything for me.


The same is true about God, yes I went there. His heart for us is so big, so of course He desires to bless us. But we don’t have the right to hold it against Him if our prayers aren’t answered in our timing or if He doesn’t do something for us the way we want it done, when we want it done. One of my absolute favorite people once said that ‘Thankfulness is the language of faith’ and that is so true. Sometimes it can be hard to say ‘thank you’ when things don’t go our way or when they don’t look like what we expected. But ‘thank you’ goes a long way. In fact, it’ll go beyond you.


When we’re thankful for what we have and even for what’s to come, we open the door for more. We’re not staring at our ‘lack’ but we’re staring at our ‘riches’ at what we have—we’re breathing, we have food, friends, family, etc.—and  from that place, blessings can chase us down. When we focus on the lack, that’s all we will ever see. But when we focus on what God has given us, we will see beyond that to all that He wants to give us. Y’all, God WANTS to bless us. It’s His will! He’s not withholding anything. But He responds to faith, thankfulness is a form of faith. It may be one of the highest forms of faith.


All that to say, let’s be thankful to God and to one another. Let’s not overburden our family and friends with tasks and lists that we think they owe us. It’s time for us to allow their presence in our lives to be enough, my God, it’s amazing to have faithful friends that truly love us. It’s amazing to have people that really love us. Let’s remember to thank them—not only on thanksgiving but any time throughout the year. I’ll start, thank YOU for reading my blog and for going on this journey with me. Happy Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for YOU! Have a beautiful day!


Let’s chat: share in the comments what you’re thankful for.


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