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JasmineNovember 11, 2017

“Welcome to Generation Social Media, where everything is up to you!”

Hello there, my name is Ariana! Allow me to show you around. I’ve been here at Generation Social Media for a few years now and I think it’s great! Let’s get started with the tour. First we’ll visit Talkville, then we’ll go to Mebook and finally we’ll check out Instafame—my favorite place ever! Are you ready? I believe you’ll like it around here, let’s go!

First things first, Talkville. Everyone is pretty talkative here, but often times they don’t say much in one sitting. We’re only allowed to say so many words at a time so many of us—by us I mean myself and some friends—don’t like it here. We believe in living limitless and here at Talkville, we’re pretty limited. I’m almost positive that I’ve said too much already so, let’s move on.

Here we are at Mebook. I like it here, at least more than Talkville. Here at Mebook we’re not limited to what we can say—actually we’re not limited to much of anything, really. This is where all the good talk happens. Everyone is talking about anything and everything. Like last week, I found out that Mackenzie and Steven are in a relationship. Here’s the thing, they never really liked each other—or so that’s what they said.

Now, don’t hear me wrong, I’m not into gossip or anything but every now and then you’ll find something interesting going on. Mebook isn’t all about gossip, though. I also find myself watching SedTalks and different informative videos and reading cool articles. You can also hear a good sermon every now and then, so Mebook isn’t all bad. It’s all about how you approach it. The thing about Generation Social Media is that everything is up to you—the user. Keep that in mind while we head to my favorite place.

Last, but certainly not least is Instafame! I absolutely love it here!! I’m not sure what I like best, the filters or the hashtags. Yes, I consider hashtags to be a cool thing. #dontjudgeme Here at Instafame you will find some of the most amazing pictures of some of the most amazing people at some of the most amazing places. I may be over exaggerating, but you can’t ever really over exaggerate anything that happens at Instafame.

Like one time, Chloe—one of my favorite singers #reposted my pic! And then, Josh—my #ManCrushMonday—followed me! #BestDayEver It’s like he knows that we were meant to be together and him following me gave me hope that someday maybe we’ll get married! I could be overthinking things but I like to be on the optimistic side of things, ya know?

Anyway, that completes our tour. Generation Social Media is really an awesome place. It’s so much fun to stay here, I don’t know how people ever lived without it. I will admit that sometimes there’s drama but again, it’s all in how you use it. And so far, I’ve done a pretty good job if I do say so myself! So, what do you think?

Stay tuned for the follow up post on Monday, November 13th!

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  • Megan

    November 11, 2017 at 11:05 am

    Oh my, how did we ever function before Generation Social Media? 😂 What a fun article and so true! Keep ‘em coming Nicole, love it!!

    1. Jasmine

      November 11, 2017 at 5:50 pm

      Haha, thank you!! 😂

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