The Truth About God

JasmineOctober 17, 2017

And God saw that it was good (suitable, admirable) and He approved it.  – Genesis 1 (AMPC)


Here’s something to think about: in the beginning of time, all that God created was good and was only approved after He saw that it was good. That’s amazing, right? God doesn’t make mistakes—He never has and He never will. In the Christian community, we know that God is good—we say it, pray it, sing it and read about how good God is. We confess it over and over but do we really believe it?


I’ll play the guinea pig and assume that maybe I’m the only one who has had this struggle: If I believe God is good, why do I at times entertain the thought that He’s behind the bad in the world or in my life? Think about it, maybe you can relate. If not, please read on anyway…but just know that we’re in this together so I’m in no way pointing fingers at you, I promise. But, scriptures say that we are all going through the same kinds of struggles. No one is exempt from the enemy’s deception. So why not put a face and a voice to it—together.


Going back to the verse in Genesis above: “And God saw that it was good (suitable, admirable) and He approved it.” When pondering that verse and the verses to follow, I found that the only things that God approved of were things that He saw that were good—all of which were His creation. Not only that, but if you read on further you’ll notice that the last of His creation—mankind was created AFTER He created the good things for us to enjoy. I’ll also note that His intention has always been to show us—His children—just how good He is.


But I think about some things that have happened in my life as a child and as an adult and somewhere I subconsciously questioned the goodness of God. Why was that person mean to me? Why aren’t my parents together? Why did I struggle with a and b for so long? God, do You really love me? Which all led to—is God good? One day, I asked Him all of the above questions and more. Growing up I didn’t know that God spoke to us or that He even wanted to and I for sure did not believe I could ask Him such “real” faithless questions. But, that’s not true. Ask Him and He will show you, ask me how I know.


Anyway, God had me to read Genesis and then to read John, specifically John 10. He led me to more scriptures as well but I’ll focus on these two areas because they ministered to me most. You’ll note in Genesis that God’s description is Creator of Good. After He created and saw that the sky was good, He approved it—and that goes for all that God created. He created a perfect place for mankind to live WITH Him. He wanted, and still wants for us to know, experience and acknowledge His goodness.


This is part one of a two-part entry, stay tuned for part two on Friday, October 20th.

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