I Doubt It

JasmineOctober 13, 2017

It’s important that we give people the benefit of the doubt. Do you really believe that your friend, or whomever would hurt you intentionally? Would they really willingly ignore you if they knew that it might hurt you? Do you really think that they would plan to hurt you? 


When you put it in those terms, when you purpose to consider their heart, your history and their love; it will be harder to hold anything against them. It’ll be harder to believe a lie or an attack against their character. The enemy would have you to believe that they’re plotting against you and like they’re out to get you. 


If you entertain the lies of the enemy, in your mind and in your heart, he’d be right. But, he’s a liar and the TRUTH is NOT in him so he can never be right. He’s only as right as the power that you give him to be right. The enemy’s plan is to steal, kill and destroy. He’s out to destroy your relationships, your community and the things that God created for you to LIVE a thriving life. 


We were created for community, to live life with God for God and with others. Without relationship, life can be hard and nearly impossible to enjoy. We were never meant to live life alone–remember what God said in the beginning of time? It is not fitting for man to be alone. Not just man and woman, but people too. We’re better together. 


So, if someone’s hurt you–let it go. The facts may prove your point. You may be right, but is it more important for you to be right than it is for you to keep your friendship with someone? Don’t harbor it in your heart. Talk to them about it, pray about it and then let it go. If the memory of it wants to peak its head in your mind, tell it where it belongs. Tell it that you’ve forgiven them. 


CHOOSE to remember the good times. Remember the love, the laughs, the fun. Consider their heart, consider your history with them. Hard times will come, no one’s perfect. We’ve all hurt someone or been hurt by someone. But more importantly than that, we’ve been forgiven! Because we’ve been forgiven, we ought to forgive others, too. 


It’s not a weak thing to forgive, it’s actually a strong move to make. You’re not giving them the right to hurt you again by forgiving them, you’re saying that you’re choosing to not allow the pain to overtake you. They’re not imprisoned by your not forgiving them, you are. 


Don’t attack someone’s character on behalf of a misunderstanding. Because, in friendships, that’s most likely what it is–a misunderstanding. As a child of God, we know who we really are and we know who our friends really are. If ever they do anything to hurt you, consider that they stepped out of character. LOVE them and help them to get back to who they really are.


So, if the enemy tries to whisper to you anything about your friends or your family, remind him of his place. Remind him of what God has done for that person or those people. Doubt his lies because anything he has to say is a lie. And most importantly, stay in love. Love is where you thrive so go out there and thrive with your blessed relationships still intact. Your success set up is secure in trusting God and doubting the enemy. #GodGOOD #devilBAD

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