Hello…for the first time

JasmineOctober 2, 2017

Hello, for the first time, I’ll probably only call one time…lol, just kidding!

Welcome to The Fearless Journey, my name is Jasmine Nicole and I’m so glad you’re here! After years’ months of planning, designing and building, I’m excited to finally welcome you to The Fearless Journey, a blog designed to encourage, uplift and inspire you.

Who Am I?

Ok, first things first, I’m 25 and I’ll be 26 in a few days, yay! I was born in Chicago but I have lived in Texas for almost 10 years now. I love to read and write—I also like to eat and hang out with family and friends. I’m a Christian and I endeavor to live a life that glorifies God and I hope to help make His kingdom great in all that I do. I am also a college student, a nanny, an entrepreneur and now a blogger, what? I realize that I just described more of what I do than who I am, BUT stick around and you’ll learn more soon. 😉

The Fearless Purpose

So, what is the purpose of this blog, you may be wondering? Well, I want to encourage YOU. In a world where everything seems hopeless, cold and heartless, I’d like to be a voice to encourage, inspire and even entertain whomever may be reading my blog. Every blog post has first been an encouragement to me from God, so why not share it and help others too? One of my favorite things is making people smile or laugh and I hope to reach that goal through The Fearless Journey. We need each other, right?

Behind the Name

Ok, you know the why behind the blog but why, “The Fearless Journey,” what’s with the name? Well, in my few short years of life, I’ve learned—and am still learning—the importance of living life fearlessly. I’ve found that fearless living is possible when you take it one step at a time. Every moment of fear that I’ve had can be tied back to my view of life—or my overview of life. What I mean is, when I try to handle all that life throws at me in a day, I find myself overwhelmed. But when I allow myself to step back and approach each situation realistically and the best way I can, I find that I’m not overwhelmed nor stressed out about it. From there I’m free to live life fearlessly which also allows me to enjoy life. Which by the way, is why Jesus came for us—that we may have and enjoy life!

Ultimately, as I’ve mentioned before; my hope is that this blog will encourage, uplift and be a blessing to you. Thank you for reading and I’m excited to have you on this journey with me!

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  • Rwanda Fisher

    October 2, 2017 at 7:54 pm

    Hi Jasmine! It’s Rwanda! I met you for the first time @ Pastor Anita Hopes conference in 2015.. I am absolutely proud of you and your fearless journey, this is exactly what the world’s needs now a person to give us hope, and joy, and peach in such terrible times.. God Bless you sweetheart and I totally enjoyed reading your blog! Have an Awesome adventure, I love you♡♡

    1. Jasmine

      October 2, 2017 at 8:03 pm

      Thank you so much, Rwanda! That means a lot! God bless you, too! <3

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